Summer is almost here, and you’re getting your last-minute preparations together to spend the summer out on the lake. You’ve had your boat inspected, you’ve bought out the lawn chairs, volleyball net, and got everything together to get ready with one exception. Your boat dock. Did you know that when there’s faulty electrical work on your boat dock, it can cause serious problems? It could cause someone possibly getting electrocuted if they’re swimming near the dock and a wire from your lighting falls into the water, or it can cause a fire. That’s why you need to call us today at William Smith - Electrical Solutions for a boat dock safety inspection. We charge a flat fee and serve residents of Gravois Mills, MO, and the surrounding area. Make sure your boat dock is safe with our dock safety inspection and call our experts today, and set up a time for us to come out.

Maybe you need a few electrical repairs done. There is a light in your garage that keeps flickering on and off, and when you went to change the light bulb, you got shocked and noticed that one of the wires was torn. So, a friend of yours had told you about us at William Smith - Electrical Solutions, the region’s top-rated electrician for Gravois Mills, Rocky Mount, Sunrise Beach, and the surrounding areas. We will come to your home in a jiffy and safely replace the wiring, so you can get back to what you're doing before, and your garage doesn’t eventually catch fire. Our electrical repairs cost a small fee, and we like to get the job completed quickly, but thoroughly. Why go to the other guys when we can do the job for much less than the competition?

Preventing electrical fires is essential for safety, and these are things that can be taken care of rather quickly with the right professional, an inspection, and some quick electrical repairs during the visit. At William Smith - Electrical Solutions, we can thoroughly get to the root of the problem and fix it without taking much of your time. We charge low rates, and we pride ourselves in ensuring that each customer is satisfied with the quality of our work. We also perform dock safety inspections and repairs for any electrical problems that may occur. We serve the communities of Gravois Mills, Rocky Mount, Sunrise Beach, and the surrounding area. Why choose the other guys to do the job, when we can repair your electrical problems a lot faster, and at a lower cost. Set up a time for us to come and inspect your home and dock today.

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